It’s Time to Cut Doug Ford Out of the Picture

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Doug Ford Doesn’t Care About Health Care

He’s allowed wave after wave of Covid-19 to overwhelm our health care system, and endanger the lives of Ontarians—prioritizing his rich buddies over our safety. Vulnerable people in long-term care facilities have suffered in conditions that cost them their dignity—and lives.

And he’s not stopping there, with plans to privatize health care, giving us a two-tier health care system that leaves everyday Ontarians in the dust.

Doug Ford Makes Housing Costs Skyrocket As Rich Developers Profit

The half-baked legislation he’s introduced will do nothing to solve Ontario’s housing crisis. Bankers, developers, and Conservative insiders should never have a say in informing policy. We all deserve affordable housing; we need a government who will take concrete measures to make it happen.

Doug Ford Denied Sick Leave to Those Who Needed it Most

Without frontline workers, the last two years of the pandemic would have been impossible to navigate. They showed up day after day, to keep essential services—and our province—running. So how did Doug Ford repay them? By fighting tooth and nail against paid sick leave.

Doug Ford Abandoned People Who Rely on Public Education and Child Care

Treating parents and educators as COVID-19’s collateral damage, Doug Ford has endangered students, educators, and families, through shoddy planning—even belittling school boards who advocated for student safety. To add insult to injury, he cut $1.6 billion from the 2021-22 education budget.

He delayed signing the $10 a day child care deal by months and left parents and caregivers in limbo.

Students, families, educators, and child care workers deserve more support—not less.


We Deserve Better Than Doug Ford—And Together We Can Make it Happen

Whether your reason to cut Doug out is our crumbling health care system, the skyrocketing cost of living, or the harm he’s done to workers and families alike, there’s no good reason for him to stay.

Fortunately, we no longer have to settle. Are you ready to take the next step?